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Attention please that. Al-Khair University (AJK) Bhimber has not any type of Information office or building except the Bhimber (AJK) Nor appointed /authorized any representative or focal person in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore & AJK etc to collect any type of fees i-e (Verification fee, Degree issuance fee, Revised/Duplicate DMC fee or any others and nor authorized any one to collect documents/fee from the students on behalf of the University Bhimber)


Al-Khair University, founded in 1994, focuses on generating knowledge and nurturing human capital. It offers programs in various disciplines and plans to introduce new degrees in Sciences, Computational Sciences, Medical, and Pharmacy fields. The university aims to prepare skilled professionals through its Center for Skill Development and Vocational Training. It aspires to become a globally recognized research institution while fulfilling its social responsibility by providing quality education and equal opportunities for all.


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Since its establishment in 1994, the Al-Khair University has taken upon itself the responsibility.

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We value the diversity of our learners and believe every individual has the right to be treated fairly.

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