Attainment of excellence

The attainment of excellence in the field of modern Science is the main plank of the mission of the University. It is focusing on imparting education, matching the trends and patterns setup by the developed world and thus forms part of the global effort to develop educational system for the larger benefit of the mankind

Addresses Future Economic Technological and Business needs

In pursuance thereof, the academic programmes of Al-Khair University (AJK) are designed to meet the future economic, technological, financial and business needs of the Country. The training to be imparted is dictated by market forces and demand-oriented.

To meet the innovative needs of the people

The University endeavors to effectively meet the innovative needs of the people in the field of the Art & Science, Professional & Technical Education by adopting subjects/ techniques and practices in line with those of reputable international and national Universities/ Institutions.

High Quality Education and Congenial Environment

A unique feature of the under and Postgraduate Programmes of the University is the combination of technology and business management. The University ensures high quality of education through providing all relevant physical and human infrastructures together with the requisite facilities of the modern knowledge and by appointing highly trained faculty for effectively delivering the objectives of the curricula. The explosion of knowledge in the fields of science and technology are synchronized and promoted within the frame-work of ethical and social values demanded by our religious and cultural traditions.