Introduction of Al-Khair University (AJ&K)

Al-Khair University was established in 1994, under an act number XXVIII of the Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The Main objective for the establishment of the University in the Private Sector was to supplement the Public Sector Education, by disseminating professional, scientific and technological education in the Country. With a view, however, to keep pace with changing scenario of education globally, the main focus is in the field of Marketing, Banking & Finance, Information Technology and Computer Oriented courses.


Al- Khair University has progressive and innovative outlook and lays stress on the three functions of higher education namely teaching, Research and Service. Being a manifestation of unique perceptions these institutions envisages excellence in academic, scientific and professional spheres. Al-Khair University makes every possible Endeavour to realize the goal of education being the basic right of an individual.


The institution is deeply dedicated to create intellectually conducive academic environment and attract best possible for its faculty.


Presently the following four faculties are functioning.


1.            Faculty of Management Sciences

2.            Faculty of Computer Sciences

3.            Faculty of Education

4.            Faculty of Social Sciences

It is consecrated to develop the potential talents of those young candidates who have burning desire to achieve professional excellence. The university feels confident to produce graduates of high caliber, possessing conceptual grasp of their fields of specialization. These scholars will stand- out among others by their professional competence, technical and managerial skills, ethical standards, analytical and practical approaches to problem solving. Thus, they would contribute positively towards the society and meet the requirements of the developing countries.


Inspired by such a national commitment, the University has initiated various projects, which include establishment and furnishing of library, IT labs, workshops, and  data  processing center, computer labs and other allied facilities required for the institution. For this purpose provisions were made during construction of its own building at Bhimber (AJ&K) and now with the blessing of Allah Almighty all such necessary facilities are available at the Main Campus (Bhimber) of the University and the available facilities will be further augmented with consistent efforts and dedication of the faculty members. New facilities such as Hostel and Transport are added continuously to enhance the scope and capabilities of the Institution.


For the benefits of students, the system of education adopted is not only for imparting of knowledge to the students but it stimulates their creative and constructive potentialities.